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Our firm Jiri Kremen is producing painting frames, stretched frames, wood drying, treatment of wood packaging material and palletes

As new service we offer Cash on Delivery for stretched frames

The firm was established in 1988. In the beginning we produced only painting frames. In 1993 we started with production of stretched frames (blind frames). Stretched frames are our main produce unit now.

The firm went through radical changes not long ago. We moved to new own building with area about 3000 m2 and launched new technology of production based on new modern machines. Because of these changes the production is now more flexible and amount of production for stretched frames incomparable raised.

Major part of our production is for export today. As a part of manufacturing programme is still production of painting frames. We are producing painting frames with high part of handwork. All painting frames are producing with emphasis on quality and precision. We are producing these frames from solid wood and by selection of profile, colours or kind of wood we respect customer`s wishes.