Stretched frames
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  • Frames for canvas - presently we are producing frames for canvas in two versions. 
1. Profile from pine wood with dimension 20 x 44 mm

profil1.jpg (14164 bytes)

2. Profile from whitewood with dimension 24 x 44 mm

profil2.jpg (12653 bytes)

We are producing laths in following dimensions from 15 cm to 500 cm in accordance with customer`s wishes, including respondent crossbars. Small wedges are produced from hardwood. There are standardly made channels for spars (crossbars) in the laths from 90 cm length. We are producing channels in the frames under 90 cm only in accordance with customer`s wish. Production of non-standard frames is necessary to consult via phone.

The wood is dryed under 10% of dampness. Frames are standardly packed per 20 pieces. By bigger sets are frames stored on pallete. Palletes are packed with steel band and stretch foil for secure transportation.